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Name: Red Dwarf 
Aka: "The Small Rouge One", "Red Trashcan with 3,000,000 years on the clock"
Owned by: Jupiter Mining Corporation (J.M.C.) Built in the "Paradise Bay Ship Yard" off of Deimos in 23rd century probably
Size: 6 miles long, 3 miles wide
Ship's computer: Holly, IQ 6000
Top speed: (Light speed + a bit, needs over 3,000,000 years to reach this speed thou)
Method of propulsion: Hydrogen engines, fuel collected via large scope at front
Equipment: Quark level antimater generator, shipwide bio-organic networking and a Kariokie bar on C Deck, research lab on Z deck.
Crew: 1,169 + lab mice (Floor 13/Brig holds 400 inmates) or maybe 52,169, the reason for the confustion is that Lister's ID number is "RD52169" which as he is the lowest rank on Red Dwarf would mean he is the last person listed making his ID match the number of crew onboard. (I hope that explains it :) )
Captain: Captain. Hollistor
Original Purpose: Mining ship, mission to bring ore back to Earth from outer colonies
New Mission: To get back to Earth after taking a 3,000,000 year detour.due to the radition leak.
Mailing address: Red Dwarf, Deep Space, RE1 3DW :)

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Noteable facts:
Only one of original crew still alive (Dave Lister, 3rd technician).

The ship's computer had a head sex change after a trip to an alternative dimension.

The ship is maintained by the service droids called Skutters, the exact number is unknown.

There are three (at least) stasis chambers which can be used for `Boothing' and for punishment ie. In Listers case. They were originally created to allow interstellar travel but as ships became faster they were no longer needed.

Was stolen after Series 5 by Kryten's Nanobots who turned it into a small moon.

Was rebuilt by Kryten's Nanobots on the insistence of Kryten during Nanarchy complete with improvments ie. Was reconstructed according to the JMC orginal specification before they made all its cut backs.

Floor 13 aka the brig aka 'The Tank'
Described as an old style penal establishment, aboundant wildlife, 200 bedrooms all with ensuite buckets.

Was transporting 400 prisoners to Adlphie 12.

Lister and Rimmer are housed in G - Tower where all the staff are mad.

For reward for good behaviour, they move you to the luxury block on D-wing. Everything's really nice there; they even shampoo the rats. Groom their tails and everything.

Name: StarBug
Mothership/craft: Red Dwarf
Size: Varies between crashes and realities
Speed: (depends), increased by 300% in Epideme.
Yes, after being upgraded by simulants
Limpet mines, effective against all large squid type creatures
Defence shield:
Class 2, ship to surface transport
Cloaking Device: Yep, as used in Backwards
Crashed in: Backwards, Bodyswap, Marooned, Dimension Jump, Back to reality (kind of), Terrorform and Psirens.
Noteable facts:
StarBug is is one of the old class-2 ship-to-surface vessels -- the very model, in fact, that was withdrawn due to major flight design flaws.
Has several stasis chambers.
Can work underwater
Has tracks which can be used on unstable landscapes ie. Swamps.
Armed with Flares and Laser Cannons by the Simulants in Gunmen of the Apocylpse

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Model shot from Scott Griffiths (
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Name: Blue Midget
Mothership: Red Dwarf
Size: Slighty smaller than the normal Starbug (Large enought for Cat to take thirty-six changes of clothing and ten full-length dress mirrors. even with food and medical supplies onboard)
weapons: Nope
Type: Ship to surface transport.
Seen in: Parallel Universe, Thanks for the memory and Marooned
Number of gears: Loads

Noteable Facts: Blue Midget has changed it apperance in the new "Remastered". episodes.

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From the drawing board of Alan Marshall: the original design of the unused White Midget spacecraft for series III.From the drawing board of Alan Marshall: the original design of the unused White Midget spacecraft for series III, is used in the books.

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Model shot from Scott Griffiths (
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(Link to makers web site - May be unavailable)


Other ships:

Name: Enlightenment
Seen in: Holoship, series 5
Appearance to scanners: Does not register on any scale -- mass, velocity, molecular structure -- all the readings are zero!
Crew: 2,000 all holograms of course
Construction date: 25th century, The project was in its initial phase when Kryten left the solar system. Ships of no mass or volume able to travel as super-light particles -- tachyons -- through worm-holes and star gates crewed by holograms of great genius and bravery.
Mission: To explore the universe.
Captain: Captain Hercule Platini, IQ 212
Number One: Commander Natalina Pushkin, IQ 201.
Number Two: Commander Randy Navaro, IQ 194.

Name: Nova 5
Seen in: Kryten, season 2
Crew: 4(?) + one mechanoid
Mission: To cause a series of Super Novas to allow the words "Coke gives Life" to be seen on Earth for a missive advertising Campaign.
Status: Crashed due to computer error. (the computer was clean when it crashed tho)

Name: Wildfire (Ace Rimmer's ship)
Seen in: Dimension Jump, series 4 & in series 7, Ep.2 'Stoke Me A Clipper'
Crew: 1 - Ace Rimmer
Mission: To explore alternative realities, After meeting Red Dwarf's Rimmer Ace Rimmer searched countess realities and met thousands of different Arnold Rimmers. However he never encountered an Arnold Rimmer as deeply sad and worthless as the one he'd met aboard Red Dwarf. His impossible search continues...
Upon Ace Rimmer's return, the ship is given to the next generation of Ace.

Click fro larger versionName: SSS Esperanto
Seen in: Back to Reality, series 5
Type: Ocean seeding ship, Class D Space Corps seeding ship
Mission: to introduce oceanic life to potential S3 planets.
Status: Got attacked by a Giant squid type thing (Suicide squid or Despair squid) when it was doing a recon trip, A 3 year check, strictly routine, to make sure that the amino acid chain had taken.

Name: 'Leviathan',
Type: JMC supply ship.
Built: 23rd century
Status: inactive and embeded in an astro-glacier, Engines are dead due to power overload.
Crew: One, frozen like a large ice cube.

Name: S.S. Centauri
Type: Unknown.
Built: 21st, or 22nd century. Maybe even 23rd or 24th. At the outside, 25th, 26th or 27th. But don't hold me to it.
Status: Destroyed by bad feelings :)
Weapons: Yes, Laser Cannons
Top Speed: Much faster than Starbug, much much faster
Crew: Simulant, Able (series 4000) and a gelf.

Click for Bigger PicName: Justice World
Seen in: Justice, series 4
Type: Penal Colony
Facilities: Active, room enough.
Mainframe: Still operational. has a deep, husky male voice.
Equipment: Mind Probe, consgnment of escort boots.(look like Frankenstein's hand-me-downs).


Name: Legion's Space station (is a space station a ship?)
Seen in: Legion, series 6
Type: Space Staion/Research Lab
Equipment: Tractor/docking beam,
Crew: Legion
Status: Still active

Name: Gemini 12
Seen in: Out of Time (series 6) and Tika to Ride (series 7)
Built: 28th Century
Type: Experimental Time ship
Equipment: Time Drive, unreality minefield generator
Crew: All dead after contracting an influenza virus on an incursion to the 20th century

Name: SS Hermes
Seen in: Only The Good (Series 8)
Built: Unknown
Type: Unknown
Equipment: At least one escape Pod
Crew: Dead, except for Sister Talia Garrett who escaped via a escape pod to Red Dwarf
Comments: Ship destroyed by [Chameleonic Microbe][Chamelionic Mycrobe] shape changing weird space thing.
Non essential electrics all down, including spell checker.
Massage ends."

Name: SSS Silverburg
Seen in: Cassandra (Series 8)
Type: Space Corps Seeding Ship - Experimental type
Equipment: One Mainframe called Cassandra who has the ability to predict the future with an accuracy rating of 100%
Crew: None
Mission: Send by the Space Corps on auto-pilot to a ocean moon in the depths of deep space and land on the ocean floor where the ship shall stay abandoned.
Comments: Boarded by the Canaries from Red Dwarf who are mostly killed by flooding, Cassandra the ships computer(mainframe) is killed by a piece of Lister's gum and a glass of Whisky.

Name: (Standard) Escape Pod
Seen in: Rimmer World(series 6), Quarantine (Series 5)
Built: Various
Type: Escape Pod - probably quite short range
Equipment: Survial stuff, such as solar Batteries, Beacons, various types of Flares, Reading Material
Crew: 1-3
Comments: Programmed to find the nearest inhabitable planet or rescue ship, Release handle can also be used to open bottles

Name: Ore sample pod
Seen in: Terrorform (Series 5)
Built: Unknown
Type: Ore sample pod
Equipment: Basic Homing Beacon
Comments: Used by Kryten's left hand and Eye ball to return to Red Dwarf in order to tell Lister, Cat and Holly what nasty nasty things have happened to Kryten and Rimmer during their moon-hopping trip.

Name: Enforcement probe
Seen in: EmoHawk - Polymorph II (Series 6)
Built: Unknown
Type: class A enforcement orb - Space Corp external enforcement vehicle aka The space filth!
Equipment: semi-Cloaking Device type Warp thing, Pulse missiles
Crew: On-Board computer

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