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Full name: The Skutters aka service droids aka Pinky and Perky, El Skutto
Number: Unknown, most ever seen at once is 2 or 3
Rank/job: Service droids on Red Dwarf
Like: John Wayne films
Dislike: Rimmer
Skills: Cooking, helping Rimmer, playing draughts (can beat Rimmer easily), general maintenance.
Seen in: Better than Life, Body Swap, Dimension Jump, Future Echoes, Justice, parallel universe, Queeg, Thanks for the memory, Waiting for God and white Hole.


Noteable facts:

Baby skutters are seen after the Holly Hop drive kicks RD into a parallel Universe.

The skutters broom cupboard is full of pin-ups of John Wayne. Also has a pile of Film Fun magazines that reaches shoulder height.

Can sometimes be seen charging around playing cowboys and Indians.

Are members of the John Wayne fan club

The skutters are part of the crew and even went to Rimmer's death day celebration in Thanks for the Memory.

In the Red Dwarf Novels, Rimmer and Rimmer manage to kill quite a few.

The two main skutters are Bob and Marge (his wife, does 0 - 60 in under 30 minutes)

Smuggles stuff to Rimmer and Lister including the virility enhancement drug (Within seconds, you're harder than a quadratic equation) which is used to spike the Guards drink during the Basketball match

Breaks Lister, Rimmer and Birdman+Pete out of The Hole.

Bob the Skutter was once eaten by a T-rex that used to be a dead sparrow (Happens everyday)