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Using Ram Packs with your Z88.


[ image: Z88 with RAM pack]

Inserting the RAM pack into Slot 1 of the Z88

The Z88 comes with 32K RAM 'built-in' memory. This is used both as working memory and for storing files. The Z88's memory can be expanded in 32K, 128K or 1M byte blocks by inserting a RAM Pack.

A 1M RAM Pack has enough room for around 200 typed A4 pages.

If power is lost, through the batteries going flat or if an application crashes, any files that or stored in RAM or unsaved current work may be lost.

This is why EPROMs or Flash EPROMs are used for backing up important data whilst using the Z88 on the move.


Save your important files on a Flash EPROM or EPROM pack.

EPROMs are used to save files and are like disks on a PC or Mac. Once you have saved a file onto the pack, it will remain there allowing the pack to be removed without losing any data..

Differences between a disk and an EPROM pack.

Individual files can not be physically deleted by overwriting them. Instead the 'old' file is marked and the new file is saved at the beginning of the cleared area. This means that if you saved a file that is 2K long three times, 6K will be used.

Files are erased by

  • formatting the entire EPROM either by using an EPROM eraser (for the EPROM)
  • or by using the the command (in the Flash EPROM).

By using two packs, files that need to be kept can be copied to RAM and then onto another EPROM pack before formatting the full EPROM. EPROMs and Flash EPROMs can be reused again after formatting.

[ image: Worldport Modem
Battery powered Modem
Priced at £50 (ex VAT) it is the ideal companion with Z-Term.

Send e-mail with the Datatronics Modem.

Only a few left, the original Datatronics Discovery 2400P portable Modem.. Auto Dial, Auto Answer, Auto Speed and runs off a PP3 battery.

Protect your Z88 with a Topper.

The Cambridge Topper protects your Z88 against accidental knocks and keyboard being pressed.

It will allow you to put the Z88 into the Z88 Carrying Case.
[ image: Cambridge Topper used with Z88]
Cambridge Topper being used with Z88


Carrying Case

Gives your Z88 a bit of padding and can be used with the Topper.

The Carrying Case (when used with the Cambridge Topper) gives good all-round protection for your Z88
[ image: Carrying Case]
The Carrying Case with the Z88


Hi Energy Lithium Batteries last 3 times longer than Duracells!

We are now stocking the NEW Ever Ready Energizer 'AA' size batteries. They are priced at £9.95 for a set of four and are lighter than alkaline. If you just order the batteries the postage charge is £1.00 p+p


SwitZch Box for the Z88

Save wear and tear on the Z88 connector as well as tidying up cables on your desk.

This switch box and moulded connecting lead saves swapping leads in and out of your Z88. Switch between up to four Z88 peripherals easily by using existing cables which plug into sockets at the rear of the box. Your printer, computer, modem and disk drive can be permanently connected.

Z88 Mains Adapter[Mains Adapter image]

Save your batteries whilst working at home with this 220v 2 - pin mains adapter. The plug can be cut off allowing an ordinary 13A UK (or any other) plug to be fitted if desired.


Z-Power System

Use the alternative way to save money by using a rechargeable battery pack.

zPower gives around half the time on your Z88 compared to using alkaline batteries.
[ image: zPower System]
View of the bottom of the Z88 showing the battery connected and the other items in the zPower System

Foreign Z88 Keyboards and ROM images

Click on any of the keyboards to see a picture of the real thing! If there isn't a picture, then we do not have it in stock. Price £15 (ex VAT).

The ROM images are here to be downloaded should you want to make your own. Make sure that your Z88 has a 28 pin (not a 24 pin) socket fitted, to allow an easy replacement, otherwise you may have to fit or replace the socket yourself. We can provide ROMs at £15 each ex VAT.


A few German Z88s.

These Z88s come complete with a German manual and are £100 (ex VAT).


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