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Catalogue of Ironmongery
of a
Victorian Greenhouse


I am in the process of dismantling what remains of the greenhouse and as work proceeds I am attempting to record on this website the various items of architecture , levers, cranks, reinforcements, and decorative embellishments that were part of the construction of a Victorian greenhouse. Although the greenhouse is in a completely dilapidated condition these various components are made of cast-iron and of course are still in good serviceable order. It was my original idea to sell off the parts, but I now feel that a future owner may wish to restore the garden and greenhouses and it would accordingly be a great advantage if the original fittings were available.

The Greenhouse in 1968, the year before Rhode Hill House and gardens were sold to Dorset County Council. Already there are signs that maintenance has begun to be neglected, delapidation was about to set in. This photograph was taken looking towards the south-west corner of the walled garden

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A Little History

The greenhouse is or perhaps I should say was, considering it's present dilapidated condition, together with the kitchen garden part of the the Rhode Hill Estate at Uplyme, East Devon. Built probably in the early 1880s by the owner John Reginald Charles Talbot who in 1851 had inherited the estate from his father Admiral Sir John Talbot . The greenhouse and gardens provided fruit and vegetables up till and including the time the estate was owned by brother and sister Robert and Monica Wood (not relatives of the present owners). They ran Rhode Hill as a residential domestic science school, a finishing school for young ladies. The produce of the gardens was used by the school.

In 1969 the estate was sold to Dorset County Council, the main intention being to use Rhode Hill House as a dormitory for girl boarders from the Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis, a state school that took a number of boarders, both boys and girls.

This is when the rot set in.

Nearly twenty years later when we bought the walled garden, the surrounding land and the head gardener's house, the greenhouse was beyond repair as a result of vandalism by neglect.

The Victorian greenhouse at Rhode Hill Gardens, Uplyme, East Devon at the beginning of the 20th century. Built on the east facing inside wall of a one acre walled garden.
The vinery section of the greenhouse, also at the beginning of the 20th century The greenhouse being built on the full length of the east facing inside wall of a square one acre walled garden, measures some70 metres in length. The reason that it was not built on the south-facing wall was because the wall runs across the contours at right angles, there being a difference in height of 5.5 metres from end to end. This can be seen in the photograph above, taken from the southwest corner of the garden looking towards the north.

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