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Uplyme New village Hall where Uplyme Parish Council meetings are held, St. Peter and Paul Church, the prize winning Village Stone and Cannington Viaduct that carried the Lyme Regis Branch Line from Axminster

Uplyme Parish Council

The originally reason for starting these pages.

The original reason for beginning these parish council pages back in June 2001 was to subtly encourage the parish council to publish minutes of their meetings on the internet. With the passing of time that objective has now (October 2005) been achieved, although it would probably have happened without my vain attempt to encourage the council to do so.

Quality Parish Council Status.

Our parish council in the past has indicated that it is interested in applying for Quality Parish Council Status. Their determination is indicated by the fact that new council members are, some perhaps reluctantly, attending the obligatory courses before such an application can be made . One of the other requirements necessary to obtain this status is that council minutes are freely available to the people of the parish. They are of course available at the moment but access is not easy. During the accreditation process that an application must pass through for a parish to become one of "Quality" the subject of communication with its parishioners is taken seriously and the fact that a parish council has a website, although at the moment not essential , is looked on favourably. The availability of the parish council minutes on what, at first, only needs be a simple website will certainly help the parish in obtaining this status.

This move can no longer be considered pioneering stuff. Just type into the Google search engine "parish council minutes" and see how many hits you get.

The following article taken from the Lyme Regis News of 15th June 2001 shows that "even" the Lyme Regis Town Council, not the most progressive of authorities, was long ago considering going down this road. (It was further announced in December 2004 that a website would be up and running hopefully before Christmas!):

"Council News on the Web"

"Measures to bring local government closer to the people are being considered by Lyme Regis councillors.

The finance committee heard on Wednesday from chairman Coun Jeff Evemy that the council WebSite could be featuring council minutes decisions and details about procedures in the future.

Town clerk Michael Lewis said "The object is to make local government more accessible to the local people". The chairman said that, at this stage, the intention was to feature text only provided by council staff.

"If we are going to be more informed, perhaps we could have a parish newsletter on the WebSite," commented Coun Nick Cornwall. "All these things can be developed", said Coun Ayvin Rogers".

The publication of a parish newsletter is also one of the things that is looked for during the accreditation process and the inclusion of such on a website would be an obvious benefit. Of course this all means extra work for the parish clerk but this is all part and parcel of going down the Quality Council Status road. The inclusion of the minutes, presumably already in electronic format, on a website will entail negligible extra work.

Information of the Quality Status Parish Council Scheme and the advantages it offers is available here.

Discontinuation of reports.

When these report were begun the parish council meetings were only reported sporadically in the local press and reporters seldom attended the meetings obtaining their reports from various parishioners. Now each meeting is attended by a reporter from at least one of the local newspapers usually the Lyme Regis News. This has resulted in most of what I report being available often before and more fully in the press. I therefore discontinued making these reports as from March 2004.

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