Designs Inspired by Cogs2

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Cogs2_01/jpg Cogs2_02/jpg Cogs2_03/jpg Cogs2_04/jpg
Spiro_aug01 Spiro_aug02 Spiro_aug03 Spiro_aug04
Cogs2_05/jpg Cogs2_06/jpg Cogs2_07/jpg Cogs2_08/jpg
Spiro_aug05 Spiro_aug06 Spiro_aug07 Spiro_aug08
Cogs2_09/jpg Cogs2_10/jpg Cogs2_11/jpg Cogs2_12/jpg
Spiro_aug09 Spiro_aug10 Spiro_aug11 Spiro_aug12
Cogs2_13/jpg Cogs2_14/jpg Cogs2_15/jpg Cogs2_16/jpg
Spiro_aug13 Spiro_aug14 Spiro_aug15 Spiro_aug16

This set of images © Richard Ashbery, 2011