BBC BASIC Graphic Programs (Part 1)

© Richard Ashbery (February 2017)


When the early BBC Microcomputers arrived over 40 years ago Acorn Computers Ltd produced a manual called the BBC Microcomputer System User Guide. It contained some neat BASIC programming examples (authored by Tim Dobson, John Coll) with some written to show off the machines graphic capabilities. These were designed to run on the CRT monitors around at the time which operated at quite low screen resolution compared with todays off-the-shelf flat screen widescreen monitors we all take for granted.

Another resource of BASIC programming is of course Richard Russell's excellent BBC BASIC for Windows. Many examples can be converted to run under RISC OS BASIC.

I decided to convert some of these programs for widescreen monitors - see table below. Polygons* is one of my favourites.

Graphic Programs for Widescreen Monitors

Program name Details Converted
AnimEllipse Circular ellipses with rapidly changing colours BMSUG
ConcCircles Circular pattern of circles within a circle Own
ConcSquares Concentric square with rapidly changing colours BMSUG
Fractual Multi-coloured fractual BB4W
Pendulum Pendulum. Length and acceleration can be edited BB4W
Persian Interesting square pattern BMSUG
Polygons* Fast moving multi-coloured polygons BMSUG
Polygon_Confusion Concentric multi-coloured polygons Own
RandCircles Mouse controlled coloured circles BBCBG
RandLines Random coloured lines BMSUG
RandSquares Random coloured squares Own
SIN/COS/TAN Graphical representation of Sine, Cosine and Tangent BMSUG
SquareDiamond Square + diamond sequence Own
Star Multiple colour overlay on star pattern BMSUG


BMSUG = BBC Microcomputer System User Guide


BB4W = BBC BASIC for Windows

Program Downloads

Graphic Programs (Part 1)