Stan's Inbox
To: Stan
From: Penny
Subject: Impossible?
  We were impossible? Oh how untrue.
The only Imp in the Possible was you
as you well know. Miss Reasonable was me.
Miss Love-You-Sweetly-Will-You-Be-Home-For-Tea?
I never snarled. How dare you say I did!
And livid? You’re confusing me with Sid.
What I put up with…. Well, at least I’m glad
to think all that is over. If I had
the tiniest little hankering still for you
it would have died the day you went and blew
our ten years’savings on that daft dot com.
It looked so great – yes, on a CD rom
but half the cash was mine and I had lent it
before the internet had been invented.
My faith, my love – all squished. It wasn’t funny.
But worst of all, dear Stan, I lost my money.
I’m sick of your jokes, your quiddities and quiplets.
Thank God I’ve got my writing, and the triplets.