Penny's Inbox
To: Penny
From: Stan
Subject : Re:Impossible
  Well done. I'm glad you've got that off your chest.
Feelings are best expressed and not suppressed.
I'm proud to say that counselling and time
Have brought me forward to the stage where I'm
Way beyond brooding on dotcoms at last.
I firmly tell myself: "The past's the past.
I won't let guilt or misery rule my life."
Natalia agrees. She's my new wife -
(Quite lovely, blonde, Estonian, twenty-one).
So - come on, lighten up and have some fun.
I've read your writing (and I feel quite vain
That I inspired the "Men are bastards" strain
That sings in every paragraph).
I can't help feeling you should learn to laugh.
You'd feel much better in yourself and - well -
Your writing might improve; might even sell.
As for the kids, tell them I dropped a line.
Tell them their dad's OK and hopes they're fine.
Tell them he thinks of them, and thinks of you.
Write back. You know that's what you need to do.