A promise as something offered without reserve.  "I do"
for "I will."  The words love, commitment, trust
as what I took them to mean.  Manet's La Regalade:

"to pour a liquid down one's throat from a jar without
touching one's lips."  The man in the painting holds
his flask overhead, the liquid ready to surprise his throat

with its fierce line. Why not the support of lips,
the slow flooding of mouth and throat?  How many
must drink open-mouthed, the source at arm's length

before someone fabricates a word for it?  "Dissolution"
as salt in water, a cleansing to rid sores of pain
when the wound is touched, the lips kissed.  A second love

as better than the first.  Longing, sorrow, regret:  words
forged from experience—his, mine.  The fierce line
never the same.  Mouths wide in expectation.
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