Variations on the Theme of Heap

A stake,
A crowd,
A single hemorrhoid,
An ancient Roman foot soldier's
heavy javelin,
A coat or surface
of short close fine furry hairs
Or the velvety surface
produced by
an extra set of filling yarns
cut and sheared;
A machine for driving down wooden poles
with a drop hammer,
Or the top of the head of a bird
from the bill to the nape,
A collision involving usually
several motor vehicles,
A jammed tangled mass,
Or the umbrella-shaped fruiting body
of many fungi;
The close-fitting pointed cap
of the ancient Romans,
A coarse hairy perennial figwort
of Maryland,
A wedge-shaped heraldic charge
and target-shooting arrowhead;
A stack of wood
for burning a corpse;
A lot,
A store,
A fortune,
A load,
Or any great number or quantity.

Gordon Moyer

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