A Blind Date With Adolf Hitler

He wouldn't speak to me
I should have known
He just sat and stared
And stared
Occasionally flicking his eyes to the door
As if someone were about to come to his rescue

I couldn't think of what to say
I sat and looked
At his dirty clothes
Wrinkling my nose at the tang of his sweat
The cool grey eyes scanning the room
Looking to escape

Try to find something
Something that announces diabolical intent
Of evil immeasurable in scope
Of hate burning with the strength to consume the world

I wanted to scream
To accuse
To condemn
To pour forth bloody venom
Dissolve him utterly with my contempt

Instead I watched as he nervously scraped wayward strands
Of lank greasy hair aside with the flat of his palm
And rubbed his eyebrow with the edge of his hand
I had this chance
This chance to stare into the face of the devil
and understand

But instead I just looked at those lifeless eyes
My searching eyes mirrored in his
Like a china doll's eyes
I could see nothing

Except me staring back

Stuart Walker

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