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Some recent issues

Snakeskin 181

Snakeskin 180
A Double Number

Snakeskin 179
Including Duncan Gillies Maclaurin's new twist on the sonnet

Snakeskin 178

Snakeskin 177

Snakeskin 176
Dogs and Cats

Snakeskin 175
György Faludy and others

Snakeskin 174

Snakeskin 173
The Food Issue

Snakeskin 172
Including D.A. Prince's The Mistress

Snakeskin 171
Portraits and Self-Portraits

Snakeskin 170

Snakeskin 169

Snakeskin 168

Snakeskin 167

Snakeskin 166

Snakeskin 165
Short Poems

Snakeskin 164

Snakeskin 163

Snakeskin 162

Snakeskin 161
The WORK Issue

Snakeskin 160

Snakeskin 159

Snakeskin 158

Snakeskin 157
including the Plinth e-chapbook

Snakeskin 156

Snakeskin 155

Snakeskin 154
D.A.Prince and others.

Snakeskin 153
Short Poems

Snakeskin 152
Thomas Land's translations of Radnoti

Snakeskin 151
Toys, Games and Puzzles

Snakeskin 150

Snakeskin 149
With Maggie Butt's I am the Sphinx

Snakeskin 148
With Chris Major's SpeedRead

Snakeskin 147
With Linda Crespi's Gothics

Snakeskin 146
With Ken Head's Long Shadows

Snakeskin 145

Snakeskin 144
With Soundtracks

Snakeskin 143

Snakeskin 142

Snakeskin 141
The Collaboration Issue

Snakeskin 140
Éva Láng, Alison Brackenbury and others
Snakeskin 139
Chris Major does Feng Shui
Snakeskin 138

Snakeskin 137
Tamás Emõd, John Cornwall and others
Snakeskin 136
Abdulrazzak, Klepetar, Land
Snakeskin 135
Snakeskin 134

Snakeskin 133
Holocaust, History, etc

Snakeskin 132
A Mixture of Poems

Snakeskin 131
New Voices

Snakeskin 130
Brackenbury and Leadbetter

Snakeskin 129

Snakeskin 128
The TIME Issue

Snakeskin 127
Ten Words

Snakeskin 126
Miklós Radnóti and others

Snakeskin 125
Bruce's 100th

Snakeskin 124
Nail Poems and others

Snakeskin 123
Short Verse Special

Snakeskin 122

Snakeskin 121
Jessy's Alphabet Issue

Snakeskin 120

Snakeskin 119
Our Tenth Birthday

Snakeskin 118
November 2005

Snakeskin 117

Snakeskin 116
September/October 2005

Snakeskin 115

Snakeskin 114
July 2005

Snakeskin 113

Snakeskin 112

Snakeskin 111

Snakeskin 110

Snakeskin 109

Snakeskin 108
Short Verse Special

Snakeskin 107
Carole Houlston and others

Snakeskin 106
Poems about Time

Snakeskin 105
Sarah Willans and others.

Snakeskin 104
The Re:United poems

Snakeskin 103

Snakeskin 102

Snakeskin 101

Snakeskin 100

Snakeskin 98
The Fairytales issue

Snakeskin 97
December '03

Snakeskin 96
Short poems

Snakeskin 95
Louise Tee and others

Snakeskin 94
A mixed bag

Snakeskin 93
Jessy Randall's Seventh-Grade poems

Snakeskin 92
The Water issue

Snakeskin 91
Obelix and others

Snakeskin 90
Roddy Lumsden, Rosemarie Koch.

Snakeskin 89
Wordworth, Calcutta, etc.

Snakeskin 88
Alison Brackenbury and others

Snakeskin 87
Seven Deadly Sins Theme issue

Snakeskin 86
Slug wars, etc

Snakeskin 85
A Nativity Churchgoing

Snakeskin 84
The Short Poems Special

Snakeskin 83
Rebecca Lu Kiernan, Dave Tidyman.

Snakeskin 82
On Maxine Carr and other subjects.

Snakeskin 81
A Sargent issue

Snakeskin 80
The Forest-Dweller's Diary, etc

Snakeskin 79
The Crime Special

Snakeskin 78

Snakeskin 77

Snakeskin 76

Snakeskin 75

Snakeskin 74
Helena Nelson, etc.

Snakeskin 73

Snakeskin 72
In Troubled Times...

Snakeskin 71
Journeys & Arrivals

Snakeskin 70

Snakeskin 69
featuring Roddy Lumsden

Snakeskin 68
Wendy Videlock, Sam Brenton and others

The Shadows special

Snakeskin 66
Paul Henry, Bryan Murphy, etc...

Snakeskin 65
Helena Nelson and K.M.Payne (Two Snakeskin stars on top form)

Snakeskin 64
The Blackened Sphere

Snakeskin 63
The Fathers Issue

Snakeskin 62
Featuring Alison Brackenbury

Snakeskin 61

Snakeskin 60

Snakeskin 59

Snakeskin 58

Snakeskin 57

Snakeskin 56

Snakeskin 55

Snakeskin 54

Snakeskin 53

Snakeskin 52

Snakeskin 51

Snakeskin 50

Snakeskin 49

Snakeskin 48

Snakeskin 47

Snakeskin 46

Snakeskin 45

Snakeskin 44

Snakeskin 43

Snakeskin 42

Snakeskin 41

Snakeskin 40

Snakeskin 39

Snakeskin 38

Snakeskin 35

Snakeskin 37

Snakeskin 36

Snakeskin 34

Snakeskin 33

Snakeskin 32

Snakeskin 31

Snakeskin 30

Snakeskin 29

The Snakeskin e-chapbooks

And a few selections from the earliest issues...
Wm. F. Adams Maturity
Arlene Ang Storia D'Amore
Patsy Barnor "Imagine ourselves alone..."
  " consider too curiously"
Richard Beban My Father and I Shopped
Bruce Bentzman ~hymns to her~
  ~atheist grace~
Wayne Carvosso At the ICA
  A Dig at Digging
  Fat Man
Chris Cobourn The Water Flows to You
John Cornwall Psychiatric Ward
  Dog Walk, Early Morning, Winter
Linda Crespi The Haiku Factory (and Tanka Assembly Line)
Holly Day A Natural Progression
Stephen Digman When Father Died
Richard Fein The Champion Retires
  A Fork in the Road
Peter Howard Sorted
L. Fullington Political Thunder
  Between a Poet and a Hard Place
  Quixote, Alive and Well
Harold Janzen Thru Long Fog Horn Petals
Emily Marbach Dogs' Lives
Peter Munro Dreaming the Dogtooth Lampfish
Alan Papprill On Wikitoria's Road
  Durie Hill Poems
K.M.Payne Will and Testament
  Eric, the Half-a-Poet
  Role-Playing Game
  Manifesto for the Internet Poem
K.M.Payne and George Simmers The Knowledge
Sydell Rosenberg Poems
Christy Sheffield Sanford Bivens Arm Nature Poem
George Simmers An Essay on Rhyme
  The Food Song
Barry Spacks Refrigerator Stocked with Beer Bottles
  A Collection of Short Poems
Nicolas Spicer Aeneas
Ernest Slyman Le Trough
Robert Sward Blind Poet
K. Brittany Fedorev Vanderkleed Anorectic Nights
Lee Venables In Praise of the BBC
Yvonne Walus Paul
  Leda's Child

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