He takes you through a door that's marked Forbidden
Into a room you'll never now forget.
"Behold," he says, "the dreams you keep well-hidden".
You look. And here a double bed is set.
And on the bed a blonde girl being ridden
By some great-muscled he-man in a sweat.
It's stagey like a Sixties' porno movie :
'Slaves to the Rod' or 'Teenage Chicks Get Groovy'.

The blonde is gasping - such a sweetness ripples
Like honey through her body - fingers drumming
And clawing at her partner's spine. Her nipples
Demand attention. Get it. Now he's strumming
Her big bare breasts. Her pleasure doubles, triples,
Quadruples, then goes infinite. She's coming -
Wave upon wave and surge on surge. "O God",
Her lover groans, "That's good!". And shoots his wad.

Appplause. For all about that bed are sitting
Old gits and crones with placards round their necks.
There's Impotence and Fear and Rage his spitting
Image, and Prostitution waving cheques,
And Lust who spits at Circumspection knitting
A cardigan for those afraid of sex.
You could stay here But if you've had your ration
Of sleaze, then leave these Pensioners of Passion