Important notice:

Since your editor is rationalising his Internet accounts, Snakeskin is moving to a different server.

You can still access it through the usual address http://www.snakeskin.org.uk

However, some readers may have linked directly to the site that that link used to point to: http://homepages.nildram.co.uk/~simmers/

If that is the case, please change the link in your favourites file or links page to either  http://www.snakeskin.org.uk or to the new address  http://homepages.primex.co.uk/~simmers/

If you have links to individual issues or poems, you can easily alter them by changing the ‘nildram’ in the address to ‘primex’.

The nildram site will stay up for a few weeks yet, to allow people to get used to the change.

(Why do this?
Well, for some years I've run an inefficient operation, in that I had two accounts - one for email and one for broadband and server space.  It cost a little, but it seemed to work. Then the Nildram company, with whom I'd had generally good relations, was taken over by the infamous TalkTalk. So the change makes more sense than ever.  Since I'll be moving house soon, and changing my broadband provider, it seems silly to keep up a web presence with a company that I distrust deeply).
The editor