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For a taste of the 1890s, try:

Oscar Wilde's novel - The Picture of Dorian Grey

Drawings by Aubrey Beardsley

A glimpse of The Yellow Book

The Ernest Dowson Homepage

Blue China - A Cartoon by Max Beerbohm

Designs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

William Morris and his Circle

Paintings by Alma-Tadema

Poems by John Davidson

The poetry of "Michael Field" (Katherine Bradley and Edith Cooper)

Poems by W.E. Henley

Enoch Soames, poet.

Poems by A.E.Housman

Poems by Lionel Johnson

For women writers of the Nineties (and earlier) it's well worth checking the Victorian Women Writers Project website.

Two more poems by Symons, on the Columbia Bartleby website.

Symons's essay on Villiers de L'Isle Adam. (From The Symbolist Movement in Literature)

A site devoted to The Symbolist Poem

The Golden Threshold, by Sarojini Naidu, a protegée of Arthur Symons.

"The Perfect Critic", an essay by T.S. Eliot, discussing, among other things, Symons's strengths and (especially) weaknesses as an impressionist critic of literature.

Arthur Symons' story Esther Kahn (included in his Spiritual Adventures) has been made into a French film. The (region 2) DVD with English subtitles is available from

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Arthur Symons : Books in Print Arthur Symons: Poetry and Prose ed. R.V.Holdsworth
Carcanet Books

The following titles are published in the excellent series of facsimile reprints published by Woodstock Books under the collective title of Decadents, symbolists, anti-decadents:

Arthur Symons : Selected Letters, 1880-1935 edited by Karl Beckson and John M. Munro (Iowa 1989) may also still be available.

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