St Michael's Church, Camberley

How to Find Us

The entrance to the church building and churchyard is situated at the junction of the London Road (A30) and Frimley Road (B3411), opposite the China House Restaurant (formerly Peters Palace).

Driving from the direction of the Meadows roundabout and superstores, cross over the lights and turn left immediately into our drive; from Frimley, turn right at the lights and as before. Travelling West from Bagshot, be in the outside lane and indicating right, and turn right just before the lights; if not so brave, consider going round the block and coming up the Frimley Road!

The entrance to the Parish Office and The Vicarage is about 250 metres east of the church entrance. If coming over the lights from the Meadows direction, go past the church, slow down and indicate left as you come to the end of the high brick wall; the entrance is slightly set back and therefore easy to miss. If coming from Bagshot, look for the M A Al-Kharafi Islamic Centre (formerly St Gregory’s RC school) on your right. The entrance is immediately after the school and before the brick wall begins.

For a MultiMap based on the postcode of the Parish Office, follow this link.

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