St Michael's Church, Camberley

Family Communion (Liquid Worship)  -  10.30am

This is a service using insights from a movement called “Liquid Church”. It is designed to be open to all. We hope that no-one will feel excluded because of their age, gender, or physical ability. Within the service, we can choose from a variety of different activities, any of which have the potential to help us to a fresh encounter with God. After that, we receive communion together at the front, so that no-one has to climb any steps.

What is Liquid Worship?

It is a flexible form of worship in which individuals are free to combine the different elements of worship into their own preferred journey.

What do I have to do?

We all gather at the start of the service for our opening praise, and then move to different worship zones as we wish. You decide which zones to visit and how long to stay.

Why are we doing this?

Here are four reasons:

  • It will help us to be a ‘missionary church’, sharing the Good News with those who find ‘Traditional Church’ difficult
  • Liquid Worship helps people who have different preferences to be catered for at the same time. As a worshipping community we can each find ways of encountering God that are right for us
  • It breaks away from the model that says ‘one size fits all’ and gives individuals the freedom to worship as God’s Spirit leads them
  • It provides a service where families can worship together, rather than being split off into different age streams, and where they can receive Communion together

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