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Pallet Truck Trailer page

How to build the heavyweight load-hauler.

The bits you need What you need:

A pallet
Wheelchair wheels - preferably quick release ones with their mountings
1 metre of 3" x 2" timber
2 bits of 3/4" plywood about 5" x 12" (not shown)
Ball and socket connector (see main trailer page)
Adapted bike stand (see main trailer page)
8mm bolt 3" long
4 of 16mm washers
Various woodscrews

Wheel mounts:

Drill the plywood side plates to take the wheel mounts. I drilled 16mm holes. Bolt the mounts through the plywood with a 16mm washer each side.
mount the wheel mounts

drill sides Clearance for nuts:

If you have a solid sided pallet, like mine, you will need to drill a hole each side for the wheel-mount nut. I used a 32mm drill bit.

If your pallet has blocks of wood and open sides, then the plywood side plates can be fitted with the wheel mount nut just behind the block in the middle of each side of the pallet.
Fix side plates:

Screw the side plates to the sides of the pallet. The wheel mounts should be as close as possible to the mid point of the pallet side. If you are using the type of pallet with blocks then the wheel mount should be just behind the middle blocks.
fix side plates

drawbar Drawbar:

You will need about a metre of 3" x 2" timber for the drawbar (3" high, 2" wide). Drill an 8mm hole through the side, near one end and bolt the ball and socket hitch to the wood.
Cut end:

Fit the wheels, and get someone to hold the trailer in line with the bike. Fit the drawbar to the bike and place it on the pallet so that it meets the side of the pallet about a foot behind the front edge. Mark where you need to cut the drawbar and where to drill holes in the pallet. (see next pic).

If you are using a 'block' pallet the drawbar can be put 'through the pallet, pushed against the inside of the block, screwed in place and cut later.
cut end

fit drawbar Fit the drawbar:

Screw it in place with HUGE screws. I used 2 screws through the side of the pallet as well.

The trailer should look like this. I later added a piece of wood to the bottom of the pallet from one side to the other in line with the wheels as the sides of the pallet were starting to lean outwards when loaded.
finished trailer

With bike In use:

Here's a better picture of it in use with about 40kg of window panes to go to the allotment for making cold frames.
Big loads:

This tank was taken to the allotment for use as a water butt. The tank is standing on what I have called a 'block' pallet.

The photo shows our first attempt where the wheel mounts were fitted straight into the sides of the pallet. The pallet sides proved too soft and that is why the plywood side plates are needed.
Chieftan Tank

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