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Velocinos are simply small bikes. Most of them have the handlebars below the legs to make them more compact. There have been commercial ones available. The first one I saw was one made by Jonathan Woolwich from a Bickerton folding bike

Getting attention Why?:

Someone had given me a Raleigh RSW (Raleigh small wheel) and it was taking up space in the workshop. By taking about 12" out of the main tube and rewelding it with a sleeve inside the join I had a frame for a velocino. All that it needed then was to find the right combination of handlebars and stem to make it rideable, and fit smaller chainring and cranks. I also coverted the front dynohub into a hub brake.

"It must be difficult to ride":

Apart from people who are too short for it, the only person who couldn't ride it was a unicyclist who had just done a 1 km sprint, round a velodrome, on a giraffe unicycle, at an BHPC event. I think he was trying tooooo hard!
Simon Nuttall on the Velocino

velocino - Bemusing shoppers at Spokesfest 2000 "So what is it like?":

Riding in an upright position with your arms relaxed by your sides is quite a calm position to travel in. There are no handlebars or wheel infront of you to distract you. Riders usually return happy, quiet and relaxed.


Our little aluminium collapsible bike- the Daewoo shuttle, can also be used as a velocino