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This is Vinnys Westfield website....I'm currently converting my SE 1600 CVH Westfield to 2 litre Zetec power, running on twin 45's  - none of that new fangled fuel injection for me!

Check the photo album for pics of work in progress.

Saturday, 21st November.... just fitted new timing belt and pulleys to the new 2 litre zetec engine.  New front and rear crank seals fitted.  Westfield sump and modified oil pickup fitted (standard Mondeo sump can be used but it sticks down around 1.5 inches lower). Trimmed 10mm off front of windage tray to allow the sump to fit properly, as per the instructions, and loctited the nuts on to avoid any nasty bits falling off!  Photos added as well.

Sunday, 28th November..... finished porting the new weber 45 dcoe manifold...there were quite large steps and rough casting marks inside the manifold, and my die grinder made short work of removing them. A flap wheel put the finishing touches to the work...much better! Check the pics for before, during and after results. I've also finished making the new sump breather assembly, all from stainless steel. I turned up new fittings on the lathe and cut a new plate from stainless plate. All that's required now is a bit of tig welding which will be done once the sand bending on the pipes has been finished on the stainless exhaust I'm fabricating. Manifold plate is currently being cut from 10mm plate, using the exhaust gasket as a template. pics of the finished timing belt work now uploaded...I had to order new camwheel bolts as the existing ones had been nicely chewed by the previous mechanic! New wheels (Wolfrace Octane 6.5x15) have had the  tyres (195/50 15 Yokohama A539) fitted and balanced. Also I've turned down stainless steel allen headed screws to the correct length to bling up the top end of the engine...they will contrast nicely with the yellow painted cam cover, and are much nicer than the standard bolt heads!

Sunday 12th December....since last posting the last photos, I've fitted the pilot bearing into the rear of the crank, the new clutch and  the gearbox to the engine. The modified engine breather has been tig welded by my mate and the exhaust manifold flange has been milled on the Bridgeport miller....not needed now as I picked up a finished manifold from ebay. I've fitted the engine and gearbox to the car and am hoping to finish bolting the engine in today, as the mounting points need slightly modifying due to the different size of the Zetec engine, compared to the CVH lump. Starter motor and coils now fitted, but I'm having to fit a remote oil filter kit as the filter hits the steering column...doh! I'm told a newer Zetec alternator is a better fitment as the old one is larger, so i'm sourcing that next week, as well as the 1800 water pump which is required as the pump is turned in the opposite direction by the modified Westfield alternator bracket. Pics uploaded

Monday, 27th December.....major progress...water pump now sorted with the1800 water pump fitted, a smaller alternator sourced, cleaned and fitted, wiring for the temperature gauge and fan sorted using the mondeo connectors grafted onto the Westfield loom, water pipes made up and connected, new alpha electronic ignition wired in, new coil, plug leads and crank sensor fitted. Car fired up, but was missing due to failed pluglead, so I replaced everything to start from new. Car now running fine, and carbs balanced, mixture set....a lovely 800 rpm smooth tickover is now happening!! whoopee! A quick blat around showed everything working, just the clutch needing a tweak on the adjuster to take up the slack and stop reverse crunching when selected. what a pity it's not summer, so I could have a good test ride, rather than the icy salty, slippy mess the roads are currently. photos added showing the latest position.

I've decided to stick with the weber filter setup, so that means I have to cut the hole in the bonnet for the filters to stick through. That's a job for later in the week....